This infographic shows “at a glance” some of our data about GUTS participants—gender ratio, number of participants per family, where in the world you live, how much you’ve grown, and (fun fact!) how many eggrolls you’ve eaten!

GUTS and gender

graphic showing ratio of females to males enrolled in the GUTS study

There are 1.18 female GUTS participants for every male GUTS participant.

From a researcher’s point of view, this is a great balance because it is very similar to the male-female ratio in the most recent US Census.

How much has the Growing Up Today Study grown?


graphic showing the words '153,675 inches'

150,000 inches

125,000 inches

100,000 inches

75,000 inches

50,000 inches

25,000 inches

GUTSy families

17,456 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study enrolled one or more of their children in GUTS.

Most of you are solo participants in GUTS, but some families have more than one participant and some have quite a few...

graphic showing NHS3 participants who enrolled one of more of their kids in the GUTS study

GUTS around the world

Here's where GUTS participants live.

graphic showing United States and numbers of participants in each state

...and let's not forget our overseas participants! There are 47 of you spread across:

graphic showing flags of countries where other GUTS participants live

Have you moved? Update your contact info.

GUTS participants have grown 153,675 inches since the study began. That's nearly
graphical representation of the words '9 times' pointing to a graphic of stacked Empire State Buildingsnine times(!)
the height of the Empire State Building.


That's a lot of data!

Just how many eggrolls have GUTS
participants eaten!?

graphic arrow

graphic of a number placard showing the number 265,176


Placed end to end, they would extend
the length of a marathon!

illustration of figures running