Gary Chase | Senior Project Manager - Nurses' Health Study

Personal interests:  New music, biking, taking care of his two kids

Gary runs the coding room where paper questionnaires are received and processed. He also oversees scanning the questionnaires to capture the data and store the images.

Xenia Kumph | Project Manager

Research interests:  Environmental health, participant engagement, mobile technologies
Personal interests:  Gardening, biking, dancing

Xenia manages everything GUTS-related, including creating the questionnaires and keeping the researchers updated on how many participants have responded to the latest questionnaire. Her biggest goal is making sure that GUTS participants know how much we appreciate their dedication. Xenia loves finding ways to improve the experience for our participants and especially enjoys hearing directly from participants.


Laura Katuska | Research Assistant

Research interests:  Endocrine disruptors, environmental justice, consumer product safety
Personal interests:  Reading, board games, singing a cappella

Laura assists with the day-to-day operations of GUTS. She manages the substance use follow-up study and also works on sub-studies for diseases.


Rachel Saltzman | Research Assistant

Research interests:  Psychology of eating disorders, nutrition, eating habits, modifying health behaviors
Personal interests:  Traveling, being outdoors, animals

Rachel assists with the day-to-day operations of GUTS, including responding to participant emails, reviewing and coding questionnaires, managing disease follow-up sub-studies for endometriosis, kidney stones, and hypertension, and posting on social media.